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Generate custom online reports sending a JSON

With Arche the online reporting platform you can create, design and customize your reports

Arche, your customizable online reporting tool

Create reports from api rest

Easy integration

Simply send a JSON and receive your report


Branded visuals in seconds, send your logo and your colors creating beautiful reports

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Make a call to the Arche Api and get the report in real time

json to report

Supports major data formats

Get your reports in the format you need (pdf, xls, csv, doc, text, html)

online reporting platform

Reduces report development

Using Arche you reduce the development time by more than 50%.

online reporting tool

Familiar & powerful

Arche is easy to use, flexible and intuitive

No matter technology


Example 1

reports from api rest
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Example 2

report library
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Example 3

report service
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Generate custom online reports sending a JSON

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, allows you to structure and transmit data between a server and your web application. In order to make this process more efficient for you and your company, we have created a service that helps you custom your online reports. By using JSON, our online service allows you to generate custom reports quickly and easily, so that you can make better and faster decisions for your company. Its ease of use and user-friendly interface will soon convince you that it is the best solution to generate custom online reports.

A great service for generating your online reports

Our goal is to allow you to generate and manage all your information and then communicate it to your clients, colleagues, employees and stakeholders in the most friendly and clear manner. Our online JSON reports software takes advantage of the benefits of JSON and brings them to you, saving you time, effort and money, as you improve your presentations. We have automated the process of extracting the information you need from your servers and offer you the human friendly output, so you can focus on what really matters: results. It was never so easy to communicate them using our online custom reports generator.

Why choose our custom online reports service?

As humans rely mostly on quick visual stimuli, our custom JSON online reports will help you and your business stand out, as you communicate with all your stakeholders in a clear and efficient way. Our software understands your data and can structures it in the way that most helps you present it. You do not have to be a professional developer to custom your online reports. If you have landed a new client or investor and need to present your numbers to help you close the deal, we are the right online reports solution for you. If you have worked over a client’s project for some time and need to show him how much progressed you have made, you will be able to customize your JSON online report and generate it in seconds. Even if you need to communicate internally with colleagues or your employees, our service will allow you improve your communications skills and increase synergy, using our easy and customizable online reports generating service. You can now start generating custom online reports sending a JSON, with our friendly and reliable service.